Listening to the Land

Listening to the Land

The Land is Sacred. The Land inspires us. The Land’s beauty and majesty moves us in awe, wonder and reverence. Yet we often treat the Land as an object instead of an integral part of ourselves. The Aboriginal people have always known and treasured the wisdom of this Ancient Land and humanity’s vital connection to it.

‘Listening to the Land’ is an initiative of the Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network, seeking to bring people from all religious and spiritual backgrounds together to connect or reconnect with the Land and to be moved to care for the Land.

The walks are coordinated by the Interfaith Network and led by an Indigenous Elder. Walks include an introductory talk, welcome to country, a walking meditation, explanation of features of the land and bush tucker, a smoking ceremony and meditation. A the end of the walk we share a vegetarian lunch.


The Ecology Crisis is fundamentally a moral issue that is closely related to the search of genuine lasting world peace - Pope John Paul II

The Great Work of our times is moving the human community from its present situation as a destructive presence on the planet to a mutually enhancing presence. It’s that simple. – Thomas Berry