The Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2008. Our mission is to promote understanding and respect amongst religious and spiritual communities in the Mornington Peninsula area, fostering a peaceful coexistence. 

To achieve our mission the Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network conducts numerous activities in the Mornington Peninsula & surrounding areas:
· Community festivals promoting customs & beliefs of various faith traditions (eg Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Festival)
· Assisting the Mornington Peninsula Shire with multifaith programs (eg Multifaith Celebration of Community)
· Organising meetings between various faith communities (eg Ramadan dinners)
· Organising tours to places of worship for members of the public and other interested groups
· Educational talks for community and schools (eg Spirituality Talks)
· Retreats where people of different faiths can live together under a common roof & conduct dialogue

Code of Conduct
The Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network operates under a code of conduct clarifying what the network is and what it is not.

What the Network is:
· an opportunity to celebrate the customs, cultures and beliefs of various faith traditions
· an opportunity to promote respect and tolerance amongst faith communities
· a recognition of core human values
· an opportunity for dialogue and understanding

What the Network is not:
· not a creation of a new universal religion made from various faith traditions
· not a compromise of one’s own individual beliefs
· not a forum for exclusive religious claims
· not an opportunity for conversion or proselytisation
· not an opportunity for promoting one’s beliefs at the expense of another
· not an opportunity for religious argument